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Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

Cumming Lawn Treatment Questions | Alpharetta Weed Control Questions


1. One application was performed on my lawn but I still have weeds, why?

Although some weeds may be controlled with just one treatment, Lawn Weeds require several applications to control them. This is one of the many reasons that Spartan Lawn & Landscape performs seven applications each year to your lawn. Please keep in mind that when you first begin service with us, we ask that you be patient and give us time so that we can address the concerns with your lawn and meet your expectations. Remember, after you have received two applications, you may request a service call to be performed if you are not satisfied.


2. Why are some of my weeds dying but some are not?

Although some weeds only require one application, most will need follow-up treatments for best results. When controlling one grass type growing within another, the process may take several applications before results are visible. Also keep in mind that some weeds may only be controlled during specific times of the year with pre-emergent applications.


3. I have had service for a while and I am still seeing weeds growing in my lawn, why?

We would love to be able to promise our customers a weed free lawn after one year of service but unfortunately there are some weeds that have a two or three year life cycle. There are also weeds that pre-emergent applications will not prevent therefore they will emerge once the growing season is right. Rest assured that Spartan Lawn & Landscape will be able to get rid of these weeds as they emerge in your lawn. Remember, if you experience new weeds emerging in between our scheduled applications, just call us and we will re-treat the lawn free of charge.


4. A pre-emergent was applied to my lawn but there are weeds still growing, why?

Most weeds are prevented with pre-emergent treatments; however there are some weeds that this application will not stop from emerging. If you experience weeds emerging in your lawn between applications, just let us know and we will be happy to address them. Keep in mind also that a pre-emergent treatment needs a couple of days to set up in the soil (after watered in) and some weeds may germinate and begin to grow before this occurs. Mother Nature is another factor that may result in a pre-emergent application not working correctly. For example: too much rain (or no rain for several days after a treatment is applied) will cause the pre-emergent to not last as long in the soil.


5. Why is my Bermuda lawn thinning in the shade?

Bermuda lawns are one of the most common turf types in our region. This grass type requires six hours of direct sunlight for best results. If you have Bermuda grass growing in shady conditions, we suggest either trimming canopy to allow more sunlight or extending bed lines and adding mulch. Even with fertilization treatments and aerating yearly, Bermuda will continue to be thin if growing in a shady environment.


6. When should I scalp my warm season grass?

Scalping your lawn is one of the best practices in the spring time for your Bermuda or Zoysia lawn. Make sure that you remove the clippings when performing the first cut of the year so that thatch does not begin to build up. Also be sure that when you scalp, you scalp! Many homeowners do not realize that the shorter you scalp the lawn, the better. Scalping should be performed around the middle of April depending on the weather.


7. What can be done for the moss growing in my lawn?

Moss is caused mostly by moisture retention in the soil and moss is tough to prevent. Most of the time moss will grow in shady areas of a lawn where the turf is thin. The best practice to control moss is to trim tree canopy and drainage problems so that the environment is not in favor for moss to survive. Spartan Lawn & Landscape can also help with moss control by applying a product that will cause the moss to stop growing and die back. Aerating the turf will also help to control moss in some situations. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance with controlling moss in your lawn.


8. I have bare and/or thin spots in my lawn, what can be done?

Fescue lawns typically experience drought stress each summer resulting in thin and bare spots by Fall. This is why Fescue lawns require aeration and over-seeding in the Fall time to replenish the turf and its density. Bermuda and Zoysia lawns can sometimes also experience drought stress and become thin or bare in areas. The best way to correct this concern is to aerate the turf during the spring or early summer to allow the grass to spread easier and become denser quicker. Please contact us for an estimate on aeration or over-seeding for your turf.


9. When applying an application to my lawn, how long should it take?

With the equipment that we use and the rate that our products must be applied for optimal results, an application is applied at a ratio of one thousand square feet per minute. This ratio will vary slightly depending on the type of application and layout of the landscape. The average property only takes about five to ten minutes to complete an application.


10. How long should I wait before my children or pets can be on the lawn after a treatment is applied?

This is a very good question and most of our customers have children or pets. With each application that we apply, we ask that you allow enough time for the products to dry before walking on the lawn. On a hot day in the summer, this may only take fifteen minutes. Granular applications are dry when they are applied to your lawn.


11. Do I need to be home when an application is applied?

You are not required to be home when an application is applied. Most of our treatments are applied during the day while our customers are at work. However, at any time if you wish to meet with your technician we will be happy to schedule an appointment.


12. How long should I wait to mow or water my lawn after an application is applied?

With each application we perform, we ask that you wait at least two hours before watering and twenty four hours before mowing the turf. This way the weed control has time to begin working and the fertilizers have time to settle in the soil.


13. Can I water my lawn with the current water restrictions?

Most areas in the Metro Atlanta area are allowed to water within twenty four hours from the time a certified lawn care company applies and application to the turf. We will always leave a flag in the lawn to notify you of the treatment and an invoice on your front door. We do suggest that you check with your local water authorities to make sure your area qualifies for this exemption.


14. Why should I fertilize my lawn with the current drought conditions?

Like most living things, your lawn needs water and food to survive. If you were to stop feeding your lawn while it was already suffering from "thirst", this would only speed up the decline and eventually cost even more money to repair later. We strongly suggest that you continue feeding your property so that when water is applied, the lawn has the nutrients needed to rebound from any drought damage.


15. Will the fertilizer burn my turf if there is no water applied?

With our liquid applications, water is not needed for the fertilizer to become active and since these treatments are performed during the cooler season there is little concern of the turf burning. During the heat of the summer we apply a granular fertilizer which is coated with sulfur to keep the fertilizer from becoming active until water is applied. This ensures that if the fertilizer remains on the turf for several days with no water, there is little chance of any burning effects.


16. Will the treatments benefit my turf if I don't or can't water?

We have many customers that are unable to water due to water restrictions or they just depend on Mother Nature to take care of it. This is one of the reasons that most of our applications are liquid so that watering them in is not required, only suggested. When it comes to our granular applications, the treatment will not become active until rainfall or irrigation occurs. Keep in mind also that all seven applications consist of liquid weed control so again water is not a requirement for good weed control results.


17. Will the same technician treat my lawn each treatment?

One of our goals is to always have the same technician performing each one of your applications. Please keep in mind that this may not always be possible if your technician is out sick or on vacation. However, we are very proud of our training program and extremely confident that no matter which technician treats your lawn, you will always receive the same level of service you have come to expect from Spartan Lawn & Landscape.


18. What can I expect from your service?

The Spartan Lawn & Landscape program is designed to increase the health and vigor of your lawn by applying the necessary nutrients recommended for your type of grass and minimizing weed outbreaks by applying pre-emergent at the right time of year to reduce weed germination. Our treatments combined with proper mowing, watering and care will keep your lawn looking its best.


19. Will my lawn ever have issues?

There are too many contributing factors and environmental conditions that occur in nature for us to prevent them all. We will be available to assist you if any problems do arise. We encourage you to call us when you experience a problem and allow us to evaluate the lawn and determine a solution.


20. How long will it take before I see results in my lawn?

The amount of time it takes to see results in your lawn depends on the condition of the lawn when we began service and how well the lawn is maintained. Proper mowing, watering and care of the lawn are an essential part of having a beautiful lawn.


21. Will I ever have weeds again?

This service will control most of the weeds you encounter, however it is impossible and unrealistic to stop all weeds from growing. There are just too many variables in nature that allow weeds to grow. If you have weed outbreaks all you have to do is call on us and we will come out and treat those weeds.


22. Are all weeds covered under my regular service?

We can target almost every type of weed; however some are not included in your regular service because they require a special type of product or multiple treatments to eradicate. Examples of these weeds are nutsedge and infestations of other grasses. *Grassy weeds can be spot sprayed in small amounts on your regular visit at no charge. Crabgrass and Poa Annua are best prevented by pre-emergent. If you received a pre-emergent from us and you have an outbreak we will treat those weeds at no extra charge. If you did not receive a pre-emergent from us you can expect those weeds to appear.  If you chose to have a treatment there will be an extra charge to eradicate them.


23. Why do you treat lawns in the winter months?

Weeds grow all year round. In the winter they stick out like a sore thumb in your dormant turf. This is also the time that we begin applying a series of pre-emergent which helps reduce the outbreak of weeds such as poa annua, crabgrass and many others. Most people don’t think about their grass in the winter but these treatments are some of the most important.


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